the 8 best Grooming Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy, Happy

best Grooming Tips

I took my dog Cocoa, our Maltese, to the groomer to get her nails cut and, in the spur of the moment, a bath.

The groomer took her to a huge wash tub to “brush her first.” Since Maltese shed all year round, Cocoa was always losing her hair. The groomer turned on a blower and aimed it at my dog. A snowstorm of dog hair filled the room. All of this from a dog who was brushed twice a week.

After the blower was turned off and the storm ended, the groomer said to Cocoa, “Does that feel better?” Cocoa smiled and looked as if she did.

Grooming our dogs is part of our responsibility of having a companion animal. Regular grooming helps build a bond between canines and owners. It also helps us monitor the condition of their skin, fur, eyes, teeth, ears, and nails.

Both the HSUS and ASPCA offer recommendations on grooming our dogs, which includes bathing, combing, brushing, trimming nails, cleaning nails and controlling external parasites.

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